Soft Wall

Virginia Beach, VA
Specialty Structure

MARTOS provided structural engineering design services for the conceptual design of this public art installation located at Rudee Loop in Virginia Beach. The specialty structure is a soft wall, a long undulating surface that filters light which is interrupted by two gently curved folds that create soft niches on either side of the linear structure. The niches suggest gathering, spots where a bench or chairs can be set out. The installation is built up from a series of metal frames that are painted blue and white on the interior. The exterior is finished with anodized aluminum on the outside surfaces and 25mm translucent Polycarbonate along the sides. Translucency and reflection create subtle optical effects that change with the color of the natural light. The blue and white paint on the interior of the structural frames tints the light that passes through, while the straight but progressively tilted elements create the appearance of eased curves against the sky.