lu·min·ar·y [a person who inspires or influences others; a guiding light, an inspiration, a role model, a heroine, a leader, a legend]

What an honor to serve as the structural engineer for such an incredible project. Teaming with architect and designer GSA, MARTOS provided the structural engineering services for the renovation and custom stair design for a new workspace.

The client, Luminary, “a collaboration hub for women to develop, network, and connect” now occupies the top two floors and 11,000 square feet of a four story building in the Nomad neighborhood. The open floor plan, as well as conference and meeting rooms, accommodate a variety of courses, workshops, events, meetings and gatherings with a focus on women and community. Lots of exciting things to come for this women’s first business! Check out their socials and site if you’re looking for some empowerment!