Excited to see MARTOS’ Red Hook Gallery project featured in an article on Brownstoner! Teaming up with OPerA Studio Architecture, MARTOS is currently providing structural design services for the project, described in the June 10th Brownstoner article as “a two-story art gallery with a bold, distinctive look”. The site is being developed by Dr. Michel Cohen, the founder of Tribeca Pediatrics. The article goes on to describe the gallery to have “an aquatic feel, with the roofline sloping up from the back and the sides of the building resembling fish scales. Openings along the side will provide natural light for the inside of the gallery”.

The proposed construction will consist of light gage framed bearing walls with light gage floor joists. The interior slabs will consist of a concrete board topping. Due to the site location being in a flood plain, a basement will not be provided, and foundations will elevate the first floor to allow floodwaters to flow below it. The design of foundations are on spread footings.

The front entrance of the building will consist of an open glass structure. To provide the required lateral stability for the open plan, glass front-ridged moment frames are being designed. Lateral systems will include the design of ridged moment frames at the front of the structure. At the rear of the building, additional moment frames will be provided as required. There will also be an open roof deck with space for one car parking below at the rear of the structure. The framing at this location will include a structural concrete slab on grade.