Yesterday, MARTOS principal, Christian Martos had the pleasure of serving as a guest lecturer for a structures class within the Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture at The City College of New York. Christian was honored to be asked back as he is a former adjunct professor of the institution. The class led by Professor Ramsey Dabby is currently covering lateral design and the designations that professional engineers and architects have within a project. Christian’s role was to help convey the concepts of the course through the presentation of a project that MARTOS is currently teaming with Professor Dabby on. The project is a proposed Japanese-styled tea pavilion located in New Jersey. The new structure will consist of timber framing and custom glue-laminated curved beams.  Foundations for the structure will consist of concrete pier footings.  The lateral systems will be designed as either custom steel moment connections between glue laminated members or wood knee braces and shear walls.

Beyond lateral design and basic structural concepts, Christian was able to properly emphasize to the students the importance of a mutually beneficial collaboration between architects and engineers.