Monroe Street

Brooklyn, NY

MARTOS is currently providing the structural engineering consultation for the major renovations of a 4 story, brick-bearing wall and timber framed town house with full basement and cellar. The renovations include the addition of a new building story. The new story will consist of light gage bearing walls and light gage roof framing. The bearing walls for the new story will be constructed directly above the existing masonry bearing walls. The existing framing of the roof will be fully replaced with new light gage joists that span the full width of the building.

A new building extension at the first floor will be constructed that will be approximately 13 feet beyond the rear of the building and protrude from allowing for an open space below the extension. Most of the first-floor rear wall will be removed to allow for an open connection between the main building and new extension. This will require the design of a new lateral bracing moment frame. The second floor of the rear wall will be reconstructed of light gage framing. This method is purposeful to avoid the need for shoring. There will also be a new steel deck designed from the rear extension.